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Hushmail Email

Email counseling is facilitated through hushmail.com.  You will receive notifcation of an encrypted email and will be asked to create a passphrase in order to decode the encryption.  This will enable you to read the email you received and to write a response within the secure system.  You must remember your passphrase.  You may reset your passphrase if you forget it but you will lose the ability to view previous emails.  There is no inbox, you will see only the email for which you received the notification and can only save the emails by saving the notifications in your regular email inbox.  The emails are automatically deleted after a couple of weeks.

Another option is to create a hushmail account so that you may initiate encrypted emails and so that a passphrase is not necessary to decode emails you receive.  A hushmail account is free and requires only that you login once every three weeks to keep the account active.  Your account will include storage for all received and sent emails.

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